It is a distressing development how history has contributed its part to the fact that the name “Thai-Massage” is often put on the same level as sexual services. Some visitors of Thailand link the term “Thai-Massage” to the numerous red light and nightclub districts as common in Bangkok. In some extent this is founded in the history, During the Vietnam War, many soldiers were sent to Thailand for recovery and within only in a few years a booming sex-industry developed. Many of the prostitutes stopped working in the nightclubs after reaching a certain age and started their business in so called “Massage-Parlors” which offered the “relaxing” massages for men. There are numerous offers like this in Thailands major cities, often masked as reliable massage-salons. Although this sort of prostitution is a fact, no one should forget that services like this have nothing in common with the Traditional Thai Massage and that the reliable healing massage is an inherent part of the traditional medical system of Thailand.